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Seamlessly implement digital
identities and digital credentials
throughout your enterprise

Leverage our versatile ecosystem of services built
to revolutionise the way in which individuals and
organisations interact with one another.

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Transforming the way in which we exchange information.

The centralisation and commodification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), along with the risks associated with storing and sharing data has long been an issue of this digital era.

The time has come for CHANGE.

Through the adoption of self-sovereign identity solutions, the decentralisation of data, and implementation of verifiable credentials, Weave can protect people’s data privacy, reduce risks for organisations, and ensure trusted proof to digital communications. data privacy, reduce risks for organisations, and ensure trusted proof to digital communications.







Decentralised Identifiers

Offer, accept, and manage connections with the entities you exchange
information with using decentralised identifiers (DID)




Verifiable Credentials

Define, issue, verify, and manage verifiable credentials that represent
the information that you offer and request

The digital trust

Poviding the resources to implement the latest
communication technologies quickly and easily.

API Services

Quick and easy integration into existing solutions enabling organisations to benefit from SSI solutions without altering current workflow.


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